The Cast

Carl G. Brooks

Paul Ellis

 Voiceover has been a long time passion since he was 5 years old. Carl has spent most of his childhood dedicated to acting out movies, stand up comedy and cartoons like; Animaniacs, Transformers G2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Disney block and more.

Throughout Carl’s young adult years he took an interest into filmmaking. Discovering the wonder behind the scenes, he has helped the friends and colleagues with their low budget productions. The roles contributed to these productions were as a co-writer, co- director, producer, cameraman and actor. Through that, Carl found his niche and an enhanced love for film.

Carl has trained for the day to enter a studio with full confidence his entire life.  Hard dedication has served as the fuel that has lead Carl to his peak. Inspiration from films and animations to music and spoken word. Imagination, practice and life have made Carl known for works on The Sem Adventures, Fire Force, No Guns Life and Songs of War.  

Erin Lillis

Allison Baxter

 Erin B. Lillis is proud to be working with DECONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM in the part of Allison.  She has previously done work in audio drama as a narrator and character actor for THE NOSLEEP PODCAST, CONGERIA, MANDIBLE JUDY, CALLING DARKNESS, THE GREY ROOMS, THE ALEXANDRIA ARCHIVES, SUBVERCITY TRANSMIT, LESS IS MORGUE and many more. She is also the host of Inc. Magazine’s INC. TIP OF THE DAY and Better Homes and Garden’s AT HOME DAILY microcasts. In addition she can be heard in several video games including SIMULACRA 2, SEEKING DAWN, STIFLED and the upcoming BROK THE INVESTIGATOR and WASTELAND 3.

Outside of voice work, Erin also hunts ghosts, works in web development, consults for entertainment marketing companies and has been to every Disney park in the world. To find her other work you can visit her website at or follow her on Twitter/Instagram at @Ravie13

Tal Minear

Coral Baxter-Ellis

Tal Minear (they/them) is a SoCal based podcaster, voice actor, and sound designer who cannot be stopped from making things. Tal is the creator of Sidequesting and What Will Be Here? and the producer of Light Hearts and Someone Dies In This Elevator. They enjoy voice acting in other productions, including NoviteroThe Path DownSector Ø,Transmission FolkloreArdenand Inn Between. 

Tal is the sound designer for Seen and Not Heard and their own podcasts, and they occasionally write for other audio fiction shows, including The One Stars and The Ace Audio Archive. Follow them on Twitter here and find out more about their work at

Additional Cast

Jacque Dear – Phone Tree voice
Eric Perry – Randolph/Randall
Richard Nadolny – Chuck
Sarah Rhea Werner – Farah
Nikki Richardson – Elaine
Melissa Medina – Marisol

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