This is the podcast where Paul and Allison review all the things they do and don’t need in their lives…

But there’s one very important thing they never discuss:

Do they need each other?

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Matrimony vs. Acrimony Deconstructive Criticism

The Baxter-Ellis family is at Paul's best friend's wedding. Coral brings a portable recorder and picks up more than they might have been prepared for. Paul – Carl G. Brooks Coral – Tal Minear Allison – Erin Lillis Farah – Sarah Rhea Werner Chuck – Richard Nadolny Elaine – Nikki Richardson Marisol – Melissa Medina Written by Shannon Perry Directed by David S. Dear and Shannon Perry Theme music "Coffee" by Cambo and "Life Illusion" by Ketsa
  1. Matrimony vs. Acrimony
  2. Groom vs. Gravy Boat
  3. Constructed vs. Assembled
  4. Membership vs. Melt Point
  5. Support vs. Sales