This is the podcast where Paul and Allison review all the things they do and don’t need in their lives…

But there’s one very important thing they never discuss:

Do they need each other?

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Litter vs. Landmine Deconstructive Criticism

Allison brings a new resident into the home without consulting Paul (so he says) so he decides to retaliate without consulting her (he admits). Coral – Tal Minear Paul – Carl G. Brooks Allison – Erin Lillis Written by David S. Dear and Shannon Perry Directed by David S. Dear and Shannon Perry Theme songs: "Coffee" by Cambo and "Life Illusion" by Ketsa
  1. Litter vs. Landmine
  2. Sickness Vs. Sandwich
  3. The Easy Way vs. The Hard Way
  4. Dreams vs. Realities
  5. Koffee vs. Cafe