This is the podcast where Paul and Allison review all the things they do and don’t need in their lives…

But there’s one very important thing they never discuss:

Do they need each other?

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You Say Zucchini, I Say Cucumber Deconstructive Criticism

Cor decides to solicit advice from her grandparents (Allison's parents) for advice on how Paul and Allison can get their marriage back on track. It goes as well as one would expect. Cor – Tal Minear Leslie – Shannon Perry Grant – Lee Shackleford Written and Directed by David S. Dear Theme music: "Coffee" by Cambo and "Life Illusion" by Ketsa Featured promo: Mission: Rejected  
  1. You Say Zucchini, I Say Cucumber
  2. A Meal of Their Own
  3. Where You Shouldn't Eat Crackers
  4. Split the Check
  5. Vegan Options